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202406 | 第六屆全球菁英領袖計畫 國際志工@泰國清萊



1.計畫宗旨 Project Purpose:


The GDA International Volunteer Team's trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand, aims to inspire young individuals to embrace the principles of the GDA legislature – promoting the spirit of contributing knowledge and engaging in collaborative learning. By actively participating in international volunteer service, education, and cultural exchange, our commitment lies in establishing international friendships. We anticipate that this journey will bring positive changes and development to both participants and the local community, fostering cross-cultural understanding and inclusive growth. This serves as an opportunity for mutual learning and growth, not only enhancing participants' values as global citizens and deepening their understanding of global issues but also instilling a sense of global social responsibility. Ultimately, it empowers young leaders to shape the future as global citizens.

2.服務據點 The service center in Northern Thailand, Chiang Rai | Our perception of Chinese culture



The Thai-Burmese border is known as the Golden Triangle. Not only is there frequent drug trade, causing direct harm to local residents, but the education, learning, and cultural identity of children have also become another issue. Located in the remote mountains of northern Thailand, the scarce resources have gradually brought attention to the issue of children's education in the region.

3.計畫目標 Project Objectives:




Cultural Exchange:Facilitate reciprocal visits between American and Thai students to promote a deeper understanding of each other's cultures and strengthen friendships.

Educational Assistance:Provide tutoring and support in academics and coursework to assist students in improving their academic performance.

Community Service:Participate in community service activities, advocating for projects related to environmental conservation, health, and community development to enhance the quality of life for local residents.

4.計畫內容 Project Contents:

交流期間: 本計畫預計在2024年6月份期間實施,交流期間為1至2週。

活動安排: 台灣學生將參與當地學校的教學輔導、文化課程、社區服務以及幼兒教育等活動,同時也將安排台灣文化體驗、語言交流等項目。

合作機構: 本計畫將與清萊滿星疊大同中學、當地教會和滿星疊星星育幼院建立合作關係,確保活動的順利實施。

志工培訓: 在出發前,將為志工提供文化課程、心理輔導、安全預防等培訓,確保志工能夠適應當地環境。

Exchange Period: This project is scheduled to take place in June 2024, with an exchange period lasting 1 to 2 weeks.

Activity Schedule: Taiwanese students will participate in teaching assistance at local schools, cultural programs, community service, and early childhood education activities. Additionally, cultural experiences in Taiwan, as well as language exchange programs, will be arranged.

Collaborative Partners: The project will establish partnerships with Chiang Rai Muen Fan Di Da Tong Middle School, local churches, and Muen Fan Di Star Nursery to ensure the smooth implementation of activities.

Volunteer Training: Before departure, volunteers will undergo training in cultural awareness, psychological support, safety precautions, and other relevant areas to ensure their adaptation to the local environment.

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