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    GDA School Q| What is GDA School? A| GDA School is collection of various teaching videos uploaded by volunteers for public learning. ​ Q| How to join? A| You can"Upload " your video,or contact us。 ​GDA School→ ​Example: Grandpa draw grandpa ​. Study Focus ​. Study Sheet(Under 6-grade) ​. Study Sheet(High School ) ​. Study Sheet(Junior High) Upload Video →

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    Trip & Volunteer International volunteering is imperative. People around the world want to be able to absorb different cultures and become a diverse person. Taiwan has a diverse culture and can provide many great volunteer opportunities. ​ ​ Under the co-organization of our company, there are many successful cases that not only provide international volunteer cultural exchanges but also make participating associations more international. ​ JOIN US

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    Organization Structure Honorary Chairman Rao Qingling The bright sunshine in Taitung cannot melt away the service spirit of volunteers ​ To be honest, I was quite surprised when I learned that the Global Student Association was coming to Taitung to serve. In this day and age, how many young people are there who have a passion for service? The land of Taitung is rich in natural beauty and the fervent enthusiasm of the indigenous people, but it lacks the human resources to help them, which makes the volunteers even more valuable. Therefore, I choose to strongly support them in supporting this extremely meaningful event. How many young people know how beautiful and primitive the Aboriginal culture is. The arrival of these volunteers not only helped them, but also allowed these young volunteers to experience dance and cuisine full of ethnic customs, which was also a quite good cultural experience. Now, when I recall their serious expressions when serving, I often smile; it makes me want to say something to the volunteers who may appear in the future: your enthusiasm may be the most precious thing for those children. Memories, don’t belittle yourself. With you, Taitung will be even better. Chairman Chen Zhengzhe Western philosopher Ni Cai Zeng said: "People become great because of their dreams." How many things are worthy of our pursuit in this world? And as we are so busy all day long, should we also think about doing our best to contribute to the society that cultivates us? Qingyu, my daughter, happens to be in high school in the United States, because the school hopes that students can use the winter and summer vacations to engage in volunteer and charity activities to enrich students' holiday life. So after some careful consideration, the "Global Tribute Program" was born. From the conception to the completion of the actual plan, it does take a lot of time, people and material resources. Because this is a very meaningful activity, it can not only help many students in remote areas, but also allow my daughter Qingyu to learn and grow from practical activities and realize the true meaning of "giving is more blessed than receiving." The "Global Tribute Program" held two large-scale activities during the summer vacation of 2017; one in mid-July to the outer island of Orchid Island - everyone worked together to bring more hope to children in rural areas; and in the Taitung area as well Organized a week-long learning activity - leading local children in Taitung to participate in many activities. Regardless of the nature of the course, it has received great response. The global tribute activity has just begun, and we sincerely hope that this activity will continue. Although the individual's power is very weak, the accumulated sand becomes a tower, and we hope that this activity can have the effect of attracting more and more enthusiastic people in the society who are capable and willing to join. I believe this plan will become more effective. value. Honorary Consultant Zhang Hongqi I hope parents can encourage their children to participate in volunteer activities that are so educationally meaningful. Today in Taiwanese society, there are many volunteer groups serving all levels of society. This is of course something that everyone is happy to see. Participating in volunteer activities and doing your best for issues and areas that you care about are actually the social participation and dedication that young people should actively cultivate. Adhering to the spirit of resource integration, sharing and joint learning, we believe that the establishment of the Global Gong (Community) Association will benefit many people and make good use of technology to carry forward this spirit. Being able to witness the establishment of the association and serve as a consultant gives me more opportunities to promote and publicize related volunteer activities. I also hope that this association can operate smoothly, realize its ambitions, and benefit more people. Honorary Consultant Hu Yufu He is currently the principal of Kainan Senior High School in Taipei City. One of the school's goals is to create students who combine science and technology, humanities and nature. We hope that through the cooperation and support of parents and teaching teams, we can create high-quality modern students and strengthen their international competitiveness. Chairman Chen Zhengzhe 聖宜集團執行長李宜展先生 深耕多年醫美市場,秉持著提供不只是專業醫療更顯得出心的客製化服務,穩健發展茁壯,希望做到的不僅是讓人變漂亮變美麗,而是由內到外散發的善良與自信,在社會公益上聖宜醫美集團將不遺餘力的持續貢獻和努力。​​ ​ ​聖宜診所 Honorary Consultant Wang Lianjin​ Educators should stay in the places that need education the most. He once served as the principal of Baiji Elementary School in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City. ​ kingPrincipal Lian Jin, an educator with profound educational concepts and rich experience, is committed to improving the educational quality of Aboriginal children. He believed that education was a sacred mission and emphasized that educators should stay where education is most needed. ​ In order to achieve this goal, Principal Wang Lianjin asked teachers to demonstrate their performance and proposed a number of reform plans, including planning courses with traditional cultural characteristics, operating residential schools, improving the campus environment, and establishing an evaluation and reward mechanism. He further introduced the business philosophy of small and medium-sized enterprises in running schools, striving to create excellent operations and bring outstanding results to the school. ​ Principal Wang Lianjin’s efforts are not limited to the school but also extend to the community. He founded the Fuxing Township Social Education Workstation and the Aboriginal Tribal University to share educational resources and realize a three-in-one education model of school, family and society. This integration not only expands the scope of education, but also promotes the inheritance and development of indigenous culture. ​ Principal Wang Lianjin’s persistence and innovation in education not only changed the school’s operation methods, but also affected students’ learning attitudes and achievements. He abolished the "top three" system and evaluated students based on average performance and improvement awards to avoid ostracizing peers. At the same time, he focuses on cultivating students' diverse talents so that each child can shine in different fields. ​ In the end, Principal Wang Lianjin, with the belief that "education is a career, not a profession", devoted himself to irrigating the land of his hometown so that aboriginal children can thrive in a happy environment. His educational concepts and practices have brought new thinking and inspiration to aboriginal education, and also provided successful school-running experience for other schools. Honorary Consultant Xu Jingwen​ Current Taoyuan City Councilor. ​ Xu Jingwen's rich experience in politics is reflected in his political achievements. He served as the 15th, 16th, and 17th Taoyuan County County Councilor, and was successfully elected as the 2nd Taoyuan City City Councilor. As the president of the Zhongli Youth Chamber of Commerce and the president of the Greater Nei Li National Tongji Association, he actively participates in community organizations and cares about local affairs. At the same time, he also serves as the chairman of the Taoyuan County Baseball Committee, showing his concern for sports affairs. In Xu Jingwen's political philosophy, he pays special attention to issues such as undergrounding railways, developing sports parks, improving transportation, and relocating schools. His efforts are dedicated to improving the development of Taoyuan City and the quality of people's lives. Honorary Consultant Peng Junhao​ Current Taoyuan City Councilor. ​ Peng Junhao obtained a master's degree in social sciences from the University of Southampton, UK, and has a number of rich academic backgrounds, including a lecturer at Jianxing University of Technology and a lecturer at South Asia Institute of Technology. He served as the 1st and 2nd City Councilor of Taoyuan City and actively participated in many community organizations, such as Taoyuan City Sports Association Light Boat Committee, Chinese Chess Promotion Association, Taoyuan Tai Chi Qigong 18-Stage Association, etc., showing his concern for sports and culture. . He is also the Secretary-General of the Democratic Progressive Party Caucus of the Taoyuan City Council and is responsible for coordinating intra-party affairs. ​ Emphasizing the creation of a livable, friendly and progressive Zhongli, it proposed a number of policy directions, including promoting major public construction, strengthening community public power, promoting pet-friendly policies, creating a gourmet economy, supervising school building safety, promoting the optimization of distance teaching on campus, and popularizing Mobile payments, etc. His efforts were dedicated to improving civic life and community development. Director General Chen Qingyu My name is Chen Qingyu, and I am currently studying at the University of Southern California. My parents taught me since I was a child: life is like a bank book. As I experience different people and events in my life, I will deposit different resources into my life bank. At the appropriate time, I should extract, integrate, and use these resources to maximize their effectiveness. I think I should start to integrate and use my life experience library. ​ With the help of my father Chen Zhengzhe, I created a website "Global Tribute Program" in 2017, and connected all the teachers, friends, and classmates I knew to build a global network. I hope that through the Internet Lu leads foreign friends to visit in person or communicate online, and shoot videos; through the platform, all students in Taiwan can share resources, becoming a powerful resource for Taiwan's international education, allowing the world to better understand Taiwan's multi-racial culture. ​ Here I would like to express my special thanks to Taitung County Magistrate Ms. Rao Qingling for her full support. I will continue to work hard to make this "Global Contribution (Co-)Learning Plan" move towards my expectations. Director General Chen Suiwen From the early days of its establishment to the present, the association has organized many large and small activities, and I believe the volunteers have benefited a lot. We hope that more students will join in the future, carry forward volunteer activities with educational significance, and implement the association's philosophy of "contributing what you have learned and learning together."

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    ​About the founder Chen Cing yu 2017 Created Global Tribute Program Graduated from USC Marshall School of Business in 2023 May 2023 to study in graduate school You can follow Chen Qingyu for more To contribute what has been learned To learn what needs to be learned d Contribute what you have learned and learn together Global Devotion Association (GDA, Taiwan), founded in 2017 by Ching Yu Chen, who graduated from USC in 2023, has been dedicated to cultural conservation and hopes to provide volunteer opportunities for Taiwanese students to exercise meaningful actions–giving back to society through exchanging cultural experiences and helping minority groups. Motivation & Mission Encourage young volunteers to experience and participate different cultural and lifestyle to understand the history and differences within Taiwan, hoping to develop students' interests and appreciation in the diversity and uniqueness of Taiwan. Foster long-term relationships across Taiwan by connecting students to volunteer with different cultural and social communities, allowing students to learn while giving back to the communities. Introduce and promote Taiwan's diverse aboriginal groups to the world, hoping to conserve these precious cultures through volunteer services and cultural exchange activities held by young volunteers. You can also do this Introduce corners of the world by shooting short videos, upload them to online platforms, create APPs, enrich learning resources, and provide schools with international resources! I sincerely invite all elders, teachers, friends and classmates who know Teacher Chen Zhengzhe, Teacher Lin Jin and Chen Qingyu to participate in and support this "Global Tribute (Together) Learning Program". With your support and guidance, our activities will become more vivid and colorful, and we look forward to your participation. ​ ​ If you have any questions Welcome to email Ask us questions and give us advice! contact me ​Global Devotion Association inaugural issue (full version)

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    Indigenous Song and Dance Taitung High School Indigenous song and dance aren't just about passing down culture—they're also a big part of hanging out and partying. Through these artsy performances, indigenous groups show off their deep respect for nature, practical know-how in daily life, and mad skills in the art department. When it comes to dancing, indigenous folks often mix in nature vibes, like copying animals or acting out farm life. The moves are smooth and lively, giving you a taste of each group's unique dance style. And then there's the music. Songs are a big deal in indigenous culture. The lyrics usually talk about life, nature, love, and stuff like that, and they come with their own cool melodies and beats. Now, let's talk threads. Indigenous dance outfits are a real fashion show—they're all about bright colors, fancy embroidery, feathers, bling-bling jewelry, and whatever else represents their identity and culture. It's like a visual feast that tells a story. Temple Culture Thean Hou Temple The Taitung Tien Hou Temple is a temple located in eastern Taiwan, dedicated to the worship of Mazu, and it's one of the significant religious centers in the area. The temple's architecture is unique, featuring colorful arches, intricate carvings, and dazzling glazed roof tiles, showcasing the rich artistic style of Taiwanese religious buildings. The temple is known for its vibrant worship culture. Devotees actively participate in various religious rituals, such as burning incense, seeking blessings, and paying respects to Mazu. Additionally, the temple frequently hosts celebrations and processions, drawing large crowds of believers and creating a strong religious atmosphere. With its artistic architecture and religious activities, the Taitung Tien Hou Temple has become a symbol of local culture and an important attraction for visitors. Indigenous Culture Experience Xiaomi Academy At Xiaomi Academy, you get the chance to dive deep into the rich culture of indigenous communities. The mochi-pounding experience is an interactive activity that allows you to get hands-on in the traditional food-making process. Mochi, a unique traditional snack of the indigenous people, incorporates a wealth of cultural elements in its preparation, including the choice of ingredients and the methods used. So, while savoring the delicious treat, you also get to feel the unique aspects of indigenous culture come alive. Leicha & Ground Tea DIY Shuanglin Tea Plantation Leicha specializes in a unique tea beverage called "pounded tea." During the crafting process, tea leaves are ground into a fine powder and mixed with various ingredients like peanuts, sesame, coconut, creating a distinctive flavor. At Leyin Tea Plantation, you get the chance to get hands-on with the making of pounded tea and experience this unique tea craftsmanship. Moreover, the plantation places a strong emphasis on the art of handcrafted tea. You can witness tea masters skillfully conducting processes like roasting, rolling, and fermenting the tea leaves, allowing you to taste the freshness and high quality of the tea. Here, it's not just about enjoying a delicious cup of tea but also delving into the intricate process of tea production and experiencing its multi-layered flavors. Cabin English Dayuan Elementary School This volunteer work primarily focuses on simulating cabin scenarios, allowing children to learn and practice English in situations like airport boarding, in-flight services, and handling emergencies through role-playing. The volunteers aim to create an interactive learning environment, enabling kids to sharpen their English speaking and communication skills in real-life contexts. Such volunteer activities not only enrich children's extracurricular learning experiences but also contribute to developing their English proficiency and building confidence for future international situations. Through the dedication of volunteers, Da-Yuan Elementary School provides a fun and practical English learning opportunity for the children. Ceramic crafting View More Yingge Ceramic The Yingge Ceramic DIY Experience is an activity where participants get hands-on in creating their own ceramic artworks. In Yingge, you can engage in this experience to personally craft ceramic pieces and enjoy the pleasures of pottery. The activity typically includes molding clay, using the pottery wheel, and other steps. Under professional guidance, participants have the chance to craft unique ceramic pieces that reflect their individual styles. This DIY experience not only provides a relaxing and enjoyable time but also allows you to appreciate the artistic process of pottery-making. After completion, you can take home the ceramic pieces you've personally crafted, turning them into unique handmade artworks and leaving with wonderful memories. The Yingge Ceramic DIY Experience combines art, hands-on creation, and culture, making it a fun activity suitable for participants of all ages. Papermaking Goang Xing Paper Mill The paper-making experience is a creative hands-on activity where participants can actively engage in the process of crafting paper. This typically involves mixing, stirring, and pressing pulp to eventually form a new sheet of paper. Such an activity allows individuals to firsthand experience the art of paper-making, offering opportunities for creative expression by adding various colors or materials to create unique handmade paper products. The paper-making experience not only provides a delightful crafting time but also serves as a fun cultural exploration. View More Bamboo Tube Rice ​Traditional food Bamboo-tube rice DIY is a unique hands-on experience where participants can actively engage in making traditional bamboo-tube rice. This activity typically involves selecting ingredients, placing rice and other toppings into a bamboo tube, sealing it with a bamboo lid, and finally steaming or cooking. The process showcases the distinctive charm of traditional cooking and allows participants to experience the unique flavor of bamboo-tube cooking. Once completed, you get to taste the delicious bamboo-tube rice you've made yourself, all while experiencing the charm of traditional culinary culture. Bamboo-tube rice DIY is a delightful fusion of culinary experience and the joy of hands-on crafting, perfect for those who enjoy cooking. View More Clay Figurine Molding traditional crafts Clay figurine molding is a creative hands-on activity where participants can mold dough into various shapes of little figures, animals, or objects. This crafting typically involves pinching, kneading, and stretching the dough to ultimately create small artworks with unique styles. Clay figurine molding activity not only offers the joy of artistic creation but also allows participants to unleash their creativity in making fun and distinctive dough creations. It's a fun crafting experience suitable for all ages. View More Courses on Experiencing and Practicing Glove Puppetry Culture ​Traditional performance The course encompasses various aspects, including hands-on experiences in painting opera masks, basic body movements, singing and playing traditional tunes, as well as off-campus excursions to watch live performances. This multi-sensory approach allows students to engage with different facets of traditional opera. View More

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    Multiplication formula-1 Multiplication formula-2 Speaker|Yang Gonghong School attended|Jianguo Middle School ​Topic content|Introduction to algebraic power operations and common multiplication formulas, as well as explanations of common question types

  • 貢學堂|數字統整&分點公式 | global-devotion

    ​ digital integration & point formula Speaker|Yang Gonghong School attended|Jianguo Middle School ​Topic content|Introduction to the types of number systems and the introduction and application of point formulas

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    The Earth Day Remember we launched an Earth Day event on the streets of Zhongli in July 2018? At that time, our volunteers made some ppts to introduce Earth Day to the citizens of Zhongli. Here, we will collect ppts made by volunteers to share with you here, and hope to make more people aware of Earth Day and the damage to this earth.​ ​YuDa Senior High 朱禮勤 Download Wu-Ling Senior High 王昱甯&洪語衡 Download Zhongli Senior High 劉品玉 ​Download Zhongli Senior High 葉泰均 ​Download FuDan High School 戴于翔 ​Download Chi-Ying Senior High School 鄭富薪&古博元 ​Download Chih Ping Senior High School 林湛凱 ​Download Fudan Senior High School 陳琮毓 ​Download Fudan Senior High School 賴韻婷 ​Download

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    NEWS 2024.01.20-2024.02.06 202401 | 第六屆全球菁英領袖計畫 La Salle 大學預科中學 寒假上學去! The 6th Global Elite Leadership Program Taiwan – U.S. Youth Cultural Exchange Read More 2024.01.20-2024.02.06 202401 | 第六屆全球菁英領袖計畫 Berkeley High School & 拉賽爾高中 La Salle 寒假上學去! The 6th Global Elite Leadership Program Taiwan – U.S. Youth Cultural Exchange Read More 2024.02.16-2024.02.25 202402 | 全球菁英領袖計畫 AHS 在台灣|台南燈會 2024 Global Elite Cultural Exchamge Program AHS @Taiwan |Tainan Lantern Festival Read More 2024.03.29-04.06 202404 | 全球菁英領袖計畫 美國 聖心中學 Sacred Heart Preparatory,Atherton Read More 2024.05.25-2024.06.04 202405 | 全球菁英領袖計畫 La Salle 大學預科高中在台灣 2024 Global Elite Cultural Exchamge Program La Salle College Preparatory High School @Taiwan Read More 2024.06 202406 | 第六屆全球菁英領袖計畫 國際志工@泰國清萊 202406 | 第六屆全球菁英領袖計畫 國際志工@泰國清萊 Read More 2024.07 202407 | 泰國清萊國際志工 202407 | 泰國清萊國際志工 Read More

  • 貢學堂|絕對值的性質 | global-devotion

    Properties of absolute value-1 Properties of absolute value-2 Properties of absolute value-3 Speaker|Yang Gonghong School attended|Jianguo Middle School ​Topic content|Introducing the definition and nature of absolute worthiness, and demonstrating common exam and exercise questions

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    Sign up >>> service location latest news record time course About A ssociation Introductory video button ​ Latest videos Subscription GDA button News latest news button media news More media information button Volunteer Record Volunteer experience records button Join Volunteer Interested in volunteering button GDA @ Taiwan A Passionate Team Explore. Experience. Give back Let’s set out together and change the world! Our Vision: Adhere to cultural commitments: promote Taiwanese culture and show Taiwan’s charm. Explore the cultures of various countries: Understand world culture and expand international horizons. Assisting disadvantaged communities: positive social change and shaping a better future. Participate in social welfare: actively contribute to society and cultivate team capabilities. We encourage young volunteers to explore different cultures and lifestyles. We believe that through cultural exchanges and volunteer services, we can shape a better future. ​

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