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About Us

In the summer of 2016, Julia's daughter Queenie went to the United States to attend high school. At first, the teacher assigned most of the affairs to the agency, but after a while, Julia discovered a lot of unreasonable agency rules, and most of these rules were unnecessary and illogical. Use a variety of reasons and excuses to collect large and small "agent" fees. 


After many times of sawing with the agent, Julia decided to set up Lin Jin International Culture and Creativity on her own, and adhered to the principle of "don't hesitate to ask, be worthy of the moment" to handle the agency affairs. And hope to change the Taiwan agency environment for inertia fraud.

  • Event period: 2023/01/22 - 2023/02/06 (16th)

  • Activity cost: 188,000 yuan (excluding air tickets, about 50,000 yuan)

  • ​Elite recruitment: 12 places in total

Our Philosophy

Have you ever thought about it? How much money does the so-called “professional” agency secretly collect? How much is unnecessary charging? How much money really goes back to your child?



Make information public and transparent, and don't charge extra fees under false names.

High Quality Services

Provide the best resources to all people.


Treat everyone with conscience, do not hesitate or ask, and deserve to be present.


Change the bad ethos of Taiwan's charge d'affaires who bid arbitrarily and make unscrupulous money.

  • Event period: 2023/01/22 - 2023/02/06 (16th)

  • Activity cost: 188,000 yuan (excluding air tickets, about 50,000 yuan)

  • ​Elite recruitment: 12 places in total

Our Services

By providing comprehensive resources and step-by-step support, we assist students in preparation for studying abroad during any time in their academic career. 

The two-way communication and cultural exchange experiences between students in Taiwan and the United States has always been our biggest feature.

Study / 
Study Tour Aboard

Provide local host family / homestay, tutoring, and school application


High School

Graduate School
Trip & Volunteer

  • Event period: 2023/01/22 - 2023/02/06 (16th)

  • Activity cost: 188,000 yuan (excluding air tickets, about 50,000 yuan)

  • ​Elite recruitment: 12 places in total


We offer a variety of programs that can be tailored to your specific needs and situations!


KICC’s Exclusive Resources 1

Comprehensive development and academic career paths: 

Parents can rest assured that students only need to focus on their academic performance. 

We will take care of the rest!

School Application

Analysis of School Ranking

Analysis of Progression Status

Recommendation Letters

Overseas Living Assistance

Case Counseling & Suggestions

High School

For the high school study abroad program, in addition to assisting in filling out forms on school application, analysis of school rankings and progression status, and assisting in writing recommendation letters, the most important thing is that we also provide overseas living assistance most needed by high school students, and assist in counseling through this class. Homestay After graduating from high school, you can provide case counseling and suggestions for students' high school learning status in order to apply for prestigious American universities.


Graduate School

This is highly customized content. If you need this kind of service, please contact us directly. We will serve you wholeheartedly.


KICC’s Exclusive Resources 2

Constructing a unique learning process for individual students:

Building a dual-track academic career to enhance critical thinking skills and to achieve the most effective learning experiences.

Unique Learning Process
Dual-track Academic Career

Elite Development Plan

Student-centered, customized curriculum design, effective learning methods and thinking framework
Bilingual interview training, Chinese-English writing exercise literacy exam questions, and reading ability training

Taiwan's New Syllabus
Learning Process Planning

Volunteer participation at home and abroad and accumulation of relevant learning processes
Global Elite Leadership Program, Taiwan-US Youth Cultural Exchange


KICC’s Exclusive Resources 3

Foreign Instructors Resources

Personally assess & verification

Background Verification

Interview is a must

Educational Assessment

With 25+ years of teaching experience, Mrs. Lin can personally assess and verify the quality of foreign teachers, ensuring both parents and students that they are indeed receiving the best quality of educational resources. 


KICC’s Exclusive Resources 4

Host family Resources:

We strive to provide all-round assistance during students’ time abroad in order to help them best achieve their goals and to help them gain the most out of their cultural exchange experience.

Cultural Exchange

Life Experiences
Oversea Living Assistance

Homestay / Host Family

Provide foreign exchange student accommodation, cultural exchange. Enhance each other's experience, strengthen the depth of communication, and create life experiences.


Homestays are not only a place for exchange students from afar to live in peace of mind, they are also the basis for the development of different cultural exchanges.


When faced with living individuals with different cultures and experiences, what we see is not just people, but the epitome of a world.

  • Event period: 2023/01/22 - 2023/02/06 (16th)

  • Activity cost: 188,000 yuan (excluding air tickets, about 50,000 yuan)

  • ​Elite recruitment: 12 places in total

Exclusive Courses

Mrs. Lin is committed to building a comprehensive dual-track academic program, cultivating students’ English proficiency and global mobility. 



U.S/ European High School

College Grammar

Translation Writing


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